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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Sacred SiStar Sessions

The combination of sacred feminine teachings and light codes can truly help to awaken and align the sacred feminine energy within you. Through these sessions, you can explore and deepen your understanding of womanhood, while also receiving healing and balance for your mind, body, and spirit. 

The Sacred Feminine Priestess Path sessions offer a transformative experience that combines sacred feminine teachings and light codes, fostering healing and balance for the mind, body, and spirit. By delving into the energy of the sacred feminine, these sessions harness its profound wisdom for a journey of empowerment and transformation.

Central to these sessions are the sacred feminine light codes, symbolic patterns infused with the essence and wisdom of the sacred feminine. Working with these energetic codes allows access to deeper levels of understanding and healing, acting as catalysts for transformation and aligning one's energy with the sacred feminine essence.

Throughout the sessions, participants are introduced to sacred feminine teachings, providing clarity on their individual journey of womanhood. These teachings empower individuals, bringing positive changes to various aspects of their lives. Embracing the sacred feminine enables the unlocking of inner potential, fostering profound personal growth.

The sessions include:

Blessing and Protection

Immerse yourself in the transformative energy of the ancient sacred feminine with a blessing and protection attunement. Through this powerful practice, you can awaken the dormant power within you, invite love and protection from the goddess, and manifest an abundance of light, love, and healing in your life.

Auric Cleansing

Embark on a transformative journey of thorough cleansing and clearing, purging your electromagnetic energy field of any lingering negative or unwanted energies. By releasing these blockages and negative energy, you can restore balance and alignment within yourself, allowing for a renewed sense of harmony and well-being.

Chakra Balancing

A personalized and rejuvenating chakra balancing session, tailored specifically to your needs. This harmonizing practice aims to align the seven main chakras, ensuring that energy flows freely throughout your body. By opening and balancing these energy centers, you can experience heightened vitality and an enhanced sense of well-being. Each chakra is intricately connected to various aspects of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, making this balancing session a holistic and transformative experience

Light Language Activations

Embark on a profound journey of experiencing light language, activations, and accessing sacred feminine light codes to ignite the activation of your light body. This activation is crucial for reconnecting with your true essence and purpose. Your light body, also known as the merkaba. Once fully activated, it carries potent codes that awaken your dormant DNA, unlocking your highest potential and divine blueprint. Prepare to awaken, remember, and embrace the expansive power of your light body

Integration with Priestess Deck

Immerse yourself in the profound integration with the Priestess Deck, merging this healing experience with the wisdom of the sacred feminine. Through self-reflection and insightful discussions, you will embark on a journey of deep understanding and learn how to seamlessly integrate these teachings into your daily life. The Priestess Deck will guide you to unlock hidden truths, awaken your intuition, and empower you to embrace the sacred feminine within. Prepare for a transformative experience that will bring clarity and guidance as you navigate your path forward.


Allow yourself time to disconnect from the outside world. Give yourself space to breathe and to feel. 


Release the narratives that hold you back from expressing your true essence. 


Integrate in a safe space. You will feel much more aligned with what IS authentically you. 

Benefits of these sessions


The sacred feminine has so many positive qualities, including nurturing and loving qualities. It encourages you to act with kindness toward yourself, to trust your decisions and emotions, and to connect with all the spiritual essences of your body and mind.

Greater Awareness

Sacred Feminine energy is the Yin. The ebb. The stillness. It allows you to create Conscious Awareness and become a witness of your mind. This allows you to create new stories that empower you and the life you wish to create. 


This energy empowers you to be true to yourself and to express your true authentic nature. It helps to REMEMBER everything you ARE and release what you are not. 


This energy awakens the songs of your Heart. When you can hear them it is easier to know when it is time for rest and when it is time for action. You will feel much greater clarity about your path and purpose. 

Focused Mind
Whether you prefer in-person sessions or virtual sessions conducted via Zoom, rest assured that the power of the sacred feminine is not limited by time or space. The energy can be harnessed and utilized to its fullest potential, regardless of your physical location.

Session Prices

Option 1: 90 minute session - Fayetteville, North Carolina $99
Option 2: 45 minute session - Zoom $49

If you are interested in embarking on this journey and experiencing the transformative power of the sacred feminine, I would be more than happy to schedule a session that suits your needs. Please let me know your preferred method of communication and any specific questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for considering the Sacred Feminine Priestess Path sessions. 
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