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Blue Lotus Tincture

Keywords: Connection, Higher States of Consciousness, Protection & Third Eye Chakra


Healing Properties: The energetic medicine of blue lotus to move stagnant emotional energies, and it can be a potent remedy for depression and anxiety. Blue Lotus is a wonderful tool for renewal and rebirth. Blue Lotus is from the water lily family, Nymphaeceae, which is an ancient, ‘primitive’ family, so they carry information from time before the existence of homo-sapiens, reminding us of our essential nature. Since Blue Lotus induces theta brain waves, it can be helpful to use recorded affirmations or other reprogramming tools while ingesting.


Words of Wisdom: Lotus opens our Third Eye. She is a bridge for psychic work, dream work and the spirit world. She encourages us to connect with our intuition and initiates us into ancient wisdom, higher dimensions and the Akashic Records . Blue Lotus is the most sacred and revered plant in Ancient Egypt. It connects us with the frequency of the Goddess Isis and her mystery school teachings. 

Blue Lotus Tincture

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