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Rose Tincture

Keywords: Self Love, Relationships, Compassion, Grief & Heart Chakra


Healing Properties: Powerful healing tool for physical ailments, emotional issues, negative thoughts, spiritual blocks and for boosting resilience. The rose energy can also bring up memories from the past that are now ready to be transmuted and released into Love. 


Words of Wisdom: Rose is known to soothe the heart and emotions and can assist in healing from past griefs so that you can move on and enjoy the present moment. Rose opens our Heart Chakra and invites Self Love. She encourages us to connect with our authentic self and express what is truly in our heart with love, kindness, truth and compassion. 


Roses have an innate wisdom and know exactly where healing is most needed, with sacred geometry ratio of 1.62803 ~ which is the same number that a heart experiencing love resonates at.


Rose medicine is the Queen of Hearts and rooted in the Sacred Feminine. She connects us to Mary Magdalene’s frequency.

Rose Tincture

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