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Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Book & Card Deck

In 2019 Frankey Craig began receiving information about the Rising of the Sacred Feminine Frequency on Earth. The information began as an oracle card deck and over several years birthed into a Virtual Mystery School that takes us on a deeper dive into these teachings and initiations. Frankeys intention for sharing this work is to remind women of their unique and powerful Light. This soft cover, 6×9”  book has full page color illustrations of each card from the deck and includes light language codes and priestess teachings. This isn’t really a book, it's much more like a manual for anyone with a womb! 

Deck consists of 34 Large Size Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Cards 3.5"X5.75" (89mm×146mm). Great quality cards with their own tuck box.This deck is transformative to work with for our own personal journey, profound for doing readings for SiStars and it is perfectly designed to support women's circles. 

Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Book & Card Deck

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