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Summer Solstice Retreat

Join us for an unforgettable Summer Solstice Celebration and Retreat!

Experience the magic of the Summer Solstice with us! Whether you're seeking reflection, rejuvenation, or simply a day of blissful connection, our retreat promises an unforgettable experience.

21-23 June 2024

Cumberland County, North Carolina

You are invited to a Summer Solstice Celebration and Retreat Experience.

The Summer Solstice is when the sun radiates its fullest brilliance across the sky. This auspicious time embodies themes of joy, rejuvenation, and abundance. It's a moment to revel in the richness of life; where nature's bounty flourishes, offering a tapestry of life and beauty that we deeply appreciate. As nature blossoms, it reflects back to us our own growth, abundance, and blessings.

Step away from the rush of life and immerse yourself in a weekend of reflection, aligning with the natural rhythms of the season to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

During this retreat, we'll delve into:

Profound connections with the Guardians—spirits representing the cardinal directions: North, East, South, and West—each associated with the elemental forces of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Our esteemed guest facilitator, Raven Runyan, will guide transformative teachings and lead a dragon ceremony, facilitating a profound connection with the divine energy of dragons.

A new, exclusive summer offering: a floating sound bath experience in our secluded pool, guided by Riane Tyler and Frankey Craig.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a weekend of transformation and create lasting memories. Join us for an experience that transcends the ordinary and nourishes your soul.

Our Venue

Set on nearly three acres in beautiful Cumberland County, North Carolina, the property occupies a 1800s farmhouse that has been thoughtfully renovated.

Beautiful nature walks and a picturesque bridge to view the river that runs throughout the property.

Stay the night in one of four themed suites, each uniquely designed and themed after the crops that were once milled at the farmhouse: Corn, Cotton, Pine, & Tobacco.

Each room includes: Luxury Towels, Linens, Robe, Personal Hygiene Products and Small Sitting Area, Access to a shared bathroom on each floor with a walk-in shower.

Retreat Highlights

Reflection and Connection: Align with the renewing energy of the Summer Solstice. Set meaningful intentions amidst serene surroundings, fostering personal growth and deeper connection.

Yoga with Riane: Start mornings with gentle stretches and mindful practices. Awaken your body, release tension, and enhance flexibility, fostering harmony and well-being.

Cacao & Sound Bath Ceremony: Immerse in a heart-opening journey with Frankey and Raven. Experience the rich tradition of cacao, emotional release, and soul-nurturing sound bath vibrations.

Connecting with the Directions: Deepen relationships with the four cardinal directions. Harmonize energies to your connection to Your inner compass, 

Dragon Ceremony: Connect deeply with personalized Dragon Wands and gain insights for life's journey. Experience a transformative meditation and receive tools for integration and wisdom.

Floating Sound Bath: Drift weightlessly in our exclusive private pool. Experience healing vibrations amidst nature's symphony, facilitated by Frankey and Riane, nurturing body, mind, and spirit.

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Meet the Facilitators

We have spent years investing in our personal development, learning, setting up and offering our unique services to assist you on your journey.

Registration Details

Spaces are limited. Secure your spot now for this incredible journey of self-discovery and growth.


Secure Your Spot

Prices start at just $111

We eagerly await the privilege of welcoming you to our Retreat and embarking on this transformative journey together!


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