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Yoga in Nature

Sacred Feminine Priestess Path

Harmonizing Energies, Unveiling Souls, Nurturing the Divine Within.  

Meet Frankey Craig

Meet Frankey, a Creative Channel with nearly two decades of experience cultivating a powerful movement for spiritual entrepreneurs on Earth. Since 2019, Frankey has dedicated her energy to assisting women in rediscovering their authentic nature, facilitating profound transformations, and empowering them to create lives that truly excite them.

Frankey's guidance takes you through a variety of proven methods, unlocking the path to reconnect with the amazing woman within you.

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The Sacred Feminine Priestess Path offers you a sacred space where we delve into the profound essence of the human soul, embracing both its feminine and masculine energies. We believe that each individual, regardless of gender, carries within them a unique blend of Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti energies, creating a harmonious dance of duality within the soul.

In a world often defined by societal expectations of masculinity and femininity, we invite you to explore a different perspective. The soul, in its true nature, is androgynous, transcending gender norms. The interplay between feminine and masculine energies within us is a dance of balance, where neither energy is superior to the other. Our mission is to guide you towards unlocking your greatest potential by harmonizing these energies within yourself.

Our founder embarked on a transformative journey that birthed a powerful modality, blending spiritual exploration with the divine energies of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. The inspiration for this journey began with the exploration of the word 'Goddess,' leading to the creation of Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Card Deck and the unveiling of profound insights.

The Sacred Feminine Priestess Path, transcends beyond a mere spiritual exploration into a transformative encounter that holds the potential to stir the sacred feminine energies within. Rooted in profound wisdom and ancient mysteries passed down through generations, this path centers around an oracle card deck and book, serving as potent instruments for self-discovery and communion with the sacred feminine essence. Immerse yourself in the captivating artwork and profound messages of the cards, guiding you toward a heightened awareness of your authentic self.

Yet, the Sacred Feminine Priestess Path extends far beyond the realms of cards. It has evolved into a vibrant online mystery school, uniting women globally to delve into and embody the sacred feminine. Through a diverse array of teachings, rituals, and practices, you'll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing, reconnecting with the ancient wisdom embedded within you.

A distinctive facet of this path lies in the multi-dimensional energy healing modality it offers. Through this modality, you'll master the art of harnessing and channeling the potent energies of the sacred feminine, facilitating profound healing and transformation. Whether your quest is emotional healing, spiritual expansion, or a deeper connection to your intuition, this modality becomes an unwavering companion throughout your journey.

Delve further into the enchantment of nature as part of this odyssey. Uncover the secrets of crafting priestess ritual bath blends, tea blends, anointing oil, aura spray, and tinctures infused with Ancient Flower Codes & Medicine. The priestess path unveils the art of connecting and co-creating with these conscious, intelligent forces, presenting an alternative avenue for energy healing.

Participants have reported increased self-awareness, heightened intuition, and a deeper understanding of their own cyclical nature. Reconnecting with their wisdom enabled women to tap into their creative potential, embrace their feminine power, and make decisions aligned with their true desires. Furthermore, participants expressed a sense of refuge and inspiration, finding solace in the teachings and practices of the sacred feminine.

The sacred feminine priestess path can serve as a transformative portal into womanhood. By living in sync with moon rhythms and reconnecting with womb wisdom, women are able to tap into their innate powers and live authentically. This path offers a sanctuary for women to explore their true selves, find refuge, and be inspired to live in accordance with the songs of their hearts. This extend beyond personal growth to societal change, as women empowered by the sacred feminine can contribute to a more balanced and harmonious world.


In the depths of time, a sacred call,
Resounds within, embracing all,

The healing of the feminine, it speaks,
A gentle whisper, guiding our peaks.

Through eons past, her voice suppressed,
But now emerges, strong and blessed,

She calls us home, to our true essence,
To reclaim our power, with reverence.

In her embrace, we find our strength,
A nurturing force, of infinite length,

She whispers of love, and unity,
Reconnecting souls, in divinity.

Her healing touch, like gentle rain,
Washes away our lingering pain,

She holds our hearts, with tender care,
Guiding us through life’s burdens we bear.

She speaks of balance, of harmony,
In the dance of life, a symphony,

For too long, we’ve wandered astray,
But now she calls, to find our way.

In her presence, we find our peace,
A sanctuary where worries cease,

She reminds us of our worth and grace,
A sacred home, where we find solace.

So let us heed her timeless call,
Embrace her love, one and all,

For in her healing, we find our truth,
A world transformed, in her gentle soothe.

The feminine healing, a beacon bright,
Guiding us through the darkest night,

Calling us home, to our sacred core,
Embracing us all, forevermore.

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