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Intentional Living 2024

The Universe communicates through frequency and doesn’t hear the words you say, it just matches the vibration. So when we are focusing on what is missing, the Universe just matches that thought and gives you more of it.

Wayne Dyer says “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’’

Practice intentional living. Mindfully setting intentions before each task, no matter what you do, act with intention.

Be intentional with your words, with your actions, with your plans, with your work and you will start to see that when you act with intention you will begin to manifest the life you truly want.

Be thorough and precise with your actions and words. Practice the pause, take a moment to reflect on every single task at hand, and move forward with intention.

Examine your ‘’why’’. Intentional living is checking in with yourself and asking yourself why you do things and ensuring you are happy with the answers. This enables us to reexamine our choices.

The attitude of gratitude is absolutely paramount to intentional living. There are countless ways to express your gratitude daily!

Gratitude helps us to reprogramme ourselves on what we have instead of what we are lacking.

Practice intentional gratitude and see immediate positive changes to your world. This mental state will grow stronger with practice.

When, I set intentions, I like to think of each one as a seed I am planting. Each seed is fuel to manifesting our goals and visions. I accept that some seeds may take longer to grow than others. Some may need more nurturing. Some will have a mind of their own. Some may require me to add to it. Some may require me to be patient and leave them to germinate. I do not put any expectations on how the seed will unfold. I make a commitment to be a part of it’s journey and to nurture it as best I can.

When setting intentions it is important to remember is to TRUST! Trust that there is a process that we may not be able to see. Trust that there is a Divine plan for your life. This doesn’t mean, write your intentions, let go and just do nothing. Some intentions will require some action on our part. Learning not to force the outcome can be a challenge for some of us at times, that’s OK, it’s all part of our learning.

Some of our intentions end up unfolding in the most peculiar ways, we just couldn’t have planned them that way! Trusting the unfoldment of your life counts the most.

Attachment is fear and insecurity, while detachment is letting go and trusting that everything will work out as it should, for your highest good.

Intentions really help to create more clarity in your life. I feel that the best soil to plant our intentions into is a relaxed state of mind. It’s no good doing them in a rush or in a loud environment, your conscious mind needs to be clear.

Our intentions should be written positively and should be allowed to evolve. This means that you can adjust your intentions as the weeks and months go by.

Tips for writing an intention

First we state what it is that we want, followed by the outcome of achieving it.

Its not selfish to be clear with what exactly we want. Thinking of the outcome can help us to let go of how this intention might be achieved.

For example:

I WANT more abundance SO THAT I have more choices and the freedom to travel

I WANT a new relationship SO THAT I can share my life with someone who loves me

I WANT a new job SO THAT I FEEL more fulfilled in my career

By writing down your intentions, you have already started the process. The Universe and all matter is already reconfiguring itself to bring them into reality, some Quantum stuff is happening!

It’s important to stay grounded in your belief that your intentions are possible and that on way or another they will come into fruition. If there is lots of doubt, it hinders the process, it blocks the energy of your manifestation.


By focusing on the feeling of the outcome of your intention you begin to align yourself with its frequency which will speed up your manifestation.

Imagine what it will FEEL like to be able to have more choices and the freedom to travel.

Imagine what it will FEEL like to be in relationship with someone who loves you.

Imagine what it will FEEL like to have a career that is truly fulfilling.

The Universe communicates in strange ways sometimes, so you really do have to be ultra observant and pay attention. Signs like you are seeing articles, books, meeting people, seeing particular animals or numbers, finding places, adverts or hearing songs that are tied to your intentions.


To enhance your intentions. Over the heart chakra draw with finger/wand or simply visualize 3 V’s and a downward facing triangle within them.

Who wants to set intentions in 2024?

Will you be a woman who sets intentions to create lasting and sustainable change in her life?

To live with intention is to understand your true essence and to live in alignment with that.

Many women are looking on the outside to feel Self Love and Connection but those who succeed are turning inwards which takes them on a journey of Remembrance.

Remembering you are Enough

Remembering you are Beautiful

Remembering you are Safe

Remembering you are Intuitive

Remembering you are Cosmic

Remembering you are Nature

Remembering you are Innocent

Remembering you are Wise

Remembering you are Deserving

Remembering you are Human

The Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Mystery School is a portal into the realms of Womanhood. This is a place for women to deconstruct and recalibrate from outdated, limiting ways of living and into beliefs and patterns that are empowering, inclusive, and full of possibilities.

A Mystery School is a School for the SOUL to Remember. It is a Sacred path. It is a Transformative, Personal Journey that aligns us with Our Soul Purpose and True Authentic Nature.

Mystery School Includes:-

Priestess Pack

Your priestess pack Includes:- Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Book & Oracle Card Deck, Selenite Crystal Wand, White Sage Stick, Priestess Ritual Bath Blend, Priestess Ritual Tea Blend, Priestess Anointing Oil, and Priestess Aura Spray.

Access to Online Mystery School

The mystery school journey takes you on a deeper dive into the Sacred Feminine Priestess Path Oracle Deck teachings. You will have full access to the mystery school curriculum. You can even download the user-friendly app to your phone and access the school from there!


Monthly one to one sessions with Frankey who will hold space for you on your journey. Includes invitations to Monthly Q&A Zoom Circle with other Priestesses. This is your opportunity to deconstruct in safety.

Choose YOU in 2024, awaken your true potential and create balance!



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